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Ceil Power has been serving clients with forklift battery and incidental services needs such as forklift battery chargers, accessories, forklift battery repairs, and more for over 2 decades.

We stock an exhaustive range of forklift batteries including 24 volt forklift batteries, 48v forklift batteries, crown forklift batteries, Li-ion forklift batteries and more. We also house various forklift battery chargers, including 24v forklift battery chargers. We are your ‘go to’ destination for all your forklift batteries, forklift batteries replacement, and accessories.

We are known for our premium quality forklift batteries, competitive prices, and industry leading customer service. Whether you need a new battery or used, quality is paramount to us and our customers. Plus, our experienced technical team will take care of even the most complex forklift battery repairs issue. With a 5 year full warranty on all our forklift batteries and the most competitive prices, we deliver value and positive experiences for all  clients.

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