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“ Reputation is key “

Ceil Power Systems has grown to become an Industry Leader with regards to Forklift Battery and Charger supply within Australia.

Independently Australian owned and operated, we have grown exponentially to incorporate a clear vision and refinement of what we believe the Forklift Industry actually requires with regards to its Motive Power supply and Charging potentials, of which I am positive is attributed to the success of the Company.

Primarily supplying and servicing the OEM Forklift Market, we also supply and service many Independent Forklift Companies, as well as providing our products to many Independent resellers of Industrial Forklift Batteries and Chargers around Australia, many of whom have been in the industry for many years, and trust the quality of the products that we distribute without question.

We cater to the industry by supplying a complete package to our clients, hence we can Guarantee conformity between our Battery and Charger products with regards to Warranty and support. Suffice to say, we could not achieve any of this without our dedicated partners in CEIL, Bassi and Mori, who continue to impress with their product innovation and constant support to ensure the success of their respective brands here in the Australian Market.

With three dedicated branches and dedicated partners covering all major Cities within Australia, Quality, Service and Support are key in continuing to build on the reputation that are products deserve.
Kind Regards

David Cooper
Managing Director

Ceil Power is the culmination of three separate, but related Forklift Battery services. We have previously specialised in Traction Battery Rejuvenation, Traction Battery Chargers and Traction Battery Service and Supply. These services are now incorporated under the one umbrella company, Ceil Power Pty Ltd.

The company has been set up on the back of a very unique industry experience in regards to the above mentioned fields, with the emphasis on supplying a complete package to our customers. We have chosen to deal with a small number of respected and reputable high quality manufacturers from various parts of the globe, who in turn have chosen to deal exclusively with Ceil Power throughout Australia and New Zealand.

These trusted manufacturers have for many years supplied quality battery and charger products throughout not only Australia, but many countries around the world, and have built up an unprecedented reputation with the quality of their respective products.

The Ceilpower team


Ceil Power aims to be a successful and respected industry leader in regards to Traction Battery and Charger Sales and relevant Service throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Partner actively with our customers to provide suitable solutions to help them increase productivity and reduce costs. Our open and honest approach in regards to our clients and the required needs for their business is how we wish to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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