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Battery Regeneration

NO FIX, NO CHARGE Guarantee*

With our exclusive policy, If CEIL can’t restore charge to your battery, you wont be charged for the service*

Each successful Regenerations comes with at least a 12 month Guarantee

Ceil pioneered Battery Regeneration in Australia with our Rebatt Battery Regeneration process.

During the charge and discharge cycles of Forklift batteries, sulphate crystals gradually build up on the lead plates within each cell, negatively affecting the life and run times associated with the battery. The chemical reaction between the acid and the lead plates that produces the energy to run the forklift is effectively suffocated, resulting in a much lower running time of the battery, meaning less productivity, and added charging costs. This sulphation process is sped up considerably due to poor maintenance and battery watering, a common problem with many forklift batteries, from individual users to entire Forklift fleets.

Our Regeneration process completely reverses this sulphation build up, and is guaranteed to return life to your battery, or you don’t pay. Our system is the only proven process capable of achieving this, with a comprehensive Ceil Battery Discharge report provided on all Regenerated Batteries, along with our exclusive 12 Month Warranty.

Battery Regeneration is best suited for Batteries which have been left unattended for a lengthy period of time, have been over-discharged or not maintained correctly and are between 0-7 years of age

Call us today to see if we can return life to your forklift battery.

Our CEIL Battery Regenration Chargers are NOW ON SALE!!

Charge any battery type – LEAD ACID, AGM or GEL

Charge any Voltage battery – 6v / 12v / 24v / 36v / 48v / 72v / 80v / 96v Recharge any flat battery – built in program to break down internal battery resistance

Ceil Power is now offering our unique Regeneration Chargers and Battery Dischargers for purchase to companies that have large Forklift battery fleets. If you own multiple electric forklifts, you absolutely need one of these Chargers

This is a multi‐voltage programmable charger, allowing for Standard and Regenerative charging of any battery size and type, dependant on the user requirements

Training on these chargers will be supplied, Ceil has a comprehensive knowledge on these types of chargers after having utilised them on thousands of batteries over many years…… Call us today for further information.

*Relevant transport costs not included in Guarantee

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