In most cases, Electric Forklifts arrive in Australia from the manufacturer with no Forklift Battery installed and there are specific reasons for this.

This is especially so for new machines that are going into stock or may require many weeks or even months of supplier preparation before being delivered to the end user customer.

Another valid reason for this localised supply arrangement is the inherent requirement from Forklift Suppliers of a highly reliable and suitable Battery Service, Support and Warranty offering that’s supplied to the end user customer as part of the Electric Forklift product.

A Forklift Battery is designed for many years of extremely heavy battery usage. The supply of a high quality Forklift Battery is a necessity and the absolute key to the product and brand reputation of the Electric Forklift it’s powering! It needs to be reliable and trusted in every capacity.

Many Forklift Batteries (especially the lower tier products that are increasingly being supplied directly to the market as a packaged option) are supplied with a minimal factory-backed Battery Warranty (if any Warranty at all) and extremely limited service and support options here in Australia.

These Forklift Batteries sitting unused are susceptible to sulphation build up and lack of usable capacity due to the long non usage periods that come with overseas manufacturing supply and frequent transport delays. Both of these things can and will negatively impact the cycle life expectancy of the Forklift Battery itself long term.

Ask your Electric Forklift supplier..

  1. Where does your Forklift Battery come from, but more importantly
  2. What is the Factory backed Battery Product Warranty supplied with the Forklift? 

Whether your Battery option is Lead acid or Lithium-based, this question should always be the same 🙌 🙌

If your Lead Acid Forklift Batteries currently aren’t being supplied to you with a…

3 Year Full Replacement Factory Warranty/2 Year Pro Rata Warranty

Total = 5 Year Warranty as Standard

… then call CEIL Power Systems – We are by far Australias largest Independently owned Motive Power supplier for a very good reason, with absolute dedication to service and support offered with every product that we supply to the market.


The Forklift Battery is the “heart” of your Electric Forklift – you absolutely need the very best Battery and Charger products to ensure long term and sustained power for your Electric Forklift and a sizeable return on investment.


Like to learn more about our forklift batteries and chargers? Ceil Power welcomes all enquiries about our heavy-duty forklift batteries and chargers, so don’t hesitate to contact the team online or give us a call on 1300 877 531 today. We’re here to help.