Recharging an electric forklift in a warehouse room.

The batteries that power your forklift fleet can be charged (on average) around 1,500 times which for most businesses delivers about five years of service. To get the most out of your batteries, implementing effective battery charging procedures that ensure each battery is properly and safely charged each time is essential. This means charging using proper charging cycles and not whenever is convenient. You also need to invest in a quality charger, one that provides compatible charging voltage and is designed for your batteries.

CEIL Forklift Chargers are renowned here in Australia and worldwide for their quality, efficiency and value-for-money. Today we’ll go through the CEIL Charger range to give you an idea of which models best suit the requirements of your fleet and business operations.

Gold Series Taper Charger

A cost-effective charging solution with full electronic protection and robust construction, our Gold Series Taper Charger delivers outstanding power, reliability and ease-of-use for all forklift applications. Providing both Single and Three-phase AC input, this charger combines the reliability business owners expect of taper charging systems with the intuitiveness of the latest microprocessor technology. We offer nominal battery voltages from 24V to 95 VDC, with other voltages available on request. Backed by a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Diamond Series High Frequency Charger

Available in Single and Three-phase AC input to meet your forklift fleet requirements, the wall-mounted CEIL Diamond Series high frequency charger features a compact, lightweight design and is compatible with all lead acid, gel and AGM forklift batteries. Backed by our dependable 18-Month Warranty, this is a highly-efficient charger ideal for most workplaces.

The Platinum Series MFH Charger

Our most advanced forklift charger, the exceptionally high-efficiency CEIL Platinum Series MFH Charger leads the smart charger market with its unparalleled combination of precise charging control, Unity Power Factor (PFC) and programming flexibility. Featuring a robust and reliable design, it delivers AC input from 200 to 600 VAC and DC output from 12 to 120 VDC. Backed by our 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

CEIL Fast Charger

Our state-of-the-art smart charger, the CEIL Fast Charger ensures maximum precise charge control and is available in both indoor and outdoor-rated enclosures. This smart charger is designed to extend battery times during shifts, reducing the need for second-shift battery operations. A feature that sets the CEIL Fast Charger apart from others is its coupling with the BMOD-T Battery monitoring device which wirelessly connects the charger to the battery. Suitable for all battery types, including Lithium technologies and lead acid batteries. Ideal for fast-charging applications. Backed by our dependable  5-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Why CEIL Chargers?

CEIL Chargers are manufactured by BASSI and MORI in Italy and imported into Australia. Our team members have real-world experience with forklifts across a range of industries and are well-positioned to assist with our customers’ requirements. We understand the differences in electric forklift applications and have the knowledge and solutions to cater for all.

Like to find out more about the CEIL Chargers that can revolutionise the way you power your forklift fleet? The Ceil Power team can guide you through our extensive range of forklift battery chargers and help you determine which is the best model for your needs. Contact us online or call us on 1300 877 531 to speak with a CEIL Charger specialist near you.

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