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Ceil Power highly recommends this automatic system for every Forklift battery. A single point watering system allows the user to ensure each battery cell in an electric forklift is filled with electrolytes to the correct and appropriate level. The watering system is operated by using a special regulated watering gun that connects to a standard mains pressure garden hose (see below) The single point watering system operates by a float in the top of every cell. As each cell fills to the top the float cuts off the water flow, and the water then diverts to the next cell.

This process is repeated until there are no more cells to fill.  Once all cells are full, the flow indicator in the watering gun will stop turning, indicating that the battery is full. The advantage of a single point watering system is that the entire battery is able to be filled without topping up individual cells, which is tedious and time consuming. This method also reduces the possibility of water and acid being spilt, and the battery being overfilled, a leading cause of corrosive build up within a battery.

The entire process is very quick and easy, and normally takes less then 5 minutes if carried out on a weekly basis after charging, as recommended Low electrolyte levels in Forklift batteries is one of the major causes of failure, and this system ensures a trouble free setup that allows the battery to be easily maintained, extending life and usage of your investment

Ceil Power also supplies all parts required for supply and repair of exisitng Single Point Water kits


Single Point Water Kits requires a specialised pressure regulated “gun” with a flow indicator. This connects to a mains pressure hose from one end and consists of a special fitting to connect to the forklift battery on the other end. Ceil Power sells these seperately as required.

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