Changing batteries on an electric forklift truck can be a confusing, time-consuming process that, when done incorrectly, can lead to dramatically reduced battery runtime and battery life. It becomes more confusing and more expensive as the battery room gets larger.

With iBOS, you can manage your battery room with no guesswork or worry for the first time… and save money doing it. Utilizing iBOS, you can take a Lean approach to managing your battery room.

iBOS ensures proper battery rotation, which is crucial for longer battery life and maximum run time.

CEIL iBOS Battery Room

Smart Blinky Pro

The Blinky battery watering monitor has revolutionized the CHECKING of electrolyte levels in industrial truck batteries. This patented device blinks steadily when the electrolyte is OK, and goes out when the level is low – below the tip of the probe. The operator can see that the battery needs water even from the other side of a dark battery room. Better still, he can see when the battery is OK, and doesn’t need water, so he doesn’t waste time checking batteries that don’t need checking. The flashing Blinky light says “leave me alone”, and prevents over filling of batteries with water, which often happens when an operator fills all the batteries at one time- without checking individual batteries for levels.

CEIL Battery Water Level Sensor (Smart)

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