Are Manufacturer denied Battery Warranties costing you time, money and ultimately product reputation?

Industrial Batteries Australia (IBA) and CEIL POWER are proud to offer Australia’s first and only FULL 5 YEAR REPLACEMENT FORKLIFT BATTERY WARRANTY.

We are scrapping what are in some cases Manufacturer friendly “Pro Rata” Warranties that most Industrial Battery Companies, that in actuality cover very little, even more so when a defective Battery product is usually discounted as a “user abuse” issue.

We completely back our battery products, and this innovation not only goes a long way to proving our supplied Batteries long term viability, but more importantly holds our product offerings to account when representing either your Forklift product or Company.

After years of internal testing, our collaboration with global leading Motive Power ancillary provider Philadelphia Scientific has culminated in a price inclusive Forklift Battery monitoring package that allows IBA the flexibility to cover our CEIL Battery for the entire 1500 life cycle Warranty period over 5 Years.

If our supplied CEIL Batteries are maintained and used in accordance with our Manufacturers recommendations, you will be GUARANTEED to have a Battery that will perform its expected cycle and Warranty life .

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Battery Warranty

CEIL supplied batteries come with a guarantee against faulty workmanship and defective material from the date of purchase for a full period of 1500 cycles of charge and discharge or a maximum period of 5 years (36 Months full Warranty, 24 months pro rata) – whichever is earlier. The warranty applies to a maximum of 80% depth of discharge of the cells rated capacity at C5. A cell is deemed to have failed if it cannot deliver 80% of its C5 capacity.

Details of Traction Battery Warranty
The warranty as detailed remains vail, only if the following operating conditions are adhered to:
1. That the battery is never discharged to greater then 80% of its normal 5 hour ampere capacity.
2. That the battery is operated and maintained in accordance with the instructions contained on the
Battery Tray and subsequent instructions issued by CEIL Power Systems
3. That the following conditions are adhered to:
a. The electrolyte temperature never exceeds 50 degrees celcius
b. The electrolyte level in each cell is maintained at all times, and the topping up necessary is carried out using clean water. Topping up should be
carried out at the end of a full charge cycle.
c. The battery completes only one discharge / re-charge cycle in 24 hours during normal operation, and no more then 300 cycles per year ( This includes
Opportunity Charge Applications)
d. The battery is charged only on an approved charger, having the correct rating, setting and operation specific to the battery and its related AH capacity
e. The battery is recharged as soon as possible after the end of dischare and is left in a fully charged state. Should the battery not be required for any
reason, it should be fully charged before being left in storage, and given a re-charge once a month until required for further use. The battery
should not be left in a discharged state.
f. The battery is used on approved applications
g. The battery and the battery log book is available on request for inspection by CEIL Power Systems or one of its authorised representatives at any
reasonable time
h. Notification is given within three (3) working days to CEIL Power Systems or their authorised distributor, of any defect, which is the basis of a claim
or may be reasonable expected to develop so as to register such a claim.

No liability whatsoever will be accepted by CEIL Power Systems or its duly appointed distributors
for any damages whether direct, incidental, consequential (including loss of profit) or otherwise, or
losses caused and suffered by the purchaser or any other person

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