“Our service is our strength……. Guaranteed fast response times for all service and repair matters”

Ceil Power carries out any and all types of forklift battery repairs including:

  • cell changes
  • acid adjustments
  • link repairs, etc. – any type of Bolt-on or Burn-on cell
  • supply of detailed testing and reports on all batteries
  • charger repairs
  • Anderson Plug repairs
  • battery corrosion clean and repairs
  • battery tray supply and repair
  • positive and negative lead repairs and replacement
  • take off repairs and replacement
  • positive and negative thimble repairs
  • battery strip and rebuilds
  • detailed battery discharge reports wherever required

The Truth about Battery Maintenance

 Forklift batteries can be subject to a range of faults, usually caused by wear and tear or insufficient maintenance. Faulty batteries can deteriorate rapidly and become unusable, causing downtime and disrupting work schedules.

Another issue is that some faults can be quite simple but cause a lot of damage, affecting a battery that would otherwise be fine. Something as simple as a bit of corrosion, which doesn’t seem like a problem, can cause a battery to suddenly fail. Acid levels and point issues also contribute to a range of battery performance issues. The bottom line is that keeping your batteries in good repair is the best form of prevention against costly, time-consuming problems.


Our Forklift Battery Repair and Replacement Services

 Ceil Power Systems experts know all about forklift battery problems. We work with Australian forklift businesses around the country, and we know how to find and fix the problems, fast.

Our experts deliver practical solutions. We’ll repair a forklift battery or suggest a battery replacement if that is the more cost-efficient solution for our clients. We’ll save you downtime with fast response repairs and save you time and money with appropriate forklift battery replacement if that’s the better option.

We also offer preventative maintenance services to keep your forklift batteries problem-free and in good condition. You can book a regular preventative maintenance scheduled service with us anytime and stay on top of the most common maintenance problems.


Need Some Help with A Forklift Battery? Just Call Ceil Power Systems

We provide our services in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. You can contact Ceil Power Systems for a service call and get a fast response. Call 1300 877 531 or contact us online and let our experts know what you need.

A forklift battery provider checking the batteries.

We respond to all online enquiries as quick as we can, however if you need anything urgently please call our customer service team on 1300 877 531


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