Conventional Gold Series forklift battery charger

Gold Series

The Gold Series is a Taper Charger providing power, reliability and ease of use for any Forklift Application in both Single and Three phase AC input. This Charger combines the intelligence of the newest microprocessor technology, with the reliability of taper charging system to ensure a cost effective Charging solution.

3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Forklift Battery Charger High Frequency Diamond Series1

Diamond Series

The Diamond Series is a High Frequency Charger, available in both Single and Three phase AC Input. This Charger has a very compact and light weight design, is wall mounted, and comes with a programmable charging curve that suits Lead Acid, GEL & AGM Batteries. It is highly efficient, is easy to use (plug and play), and is a tried and tested and reliable HF Charger.

18 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Platinum Smart Battery Charger

Platinum Series

The Platinum series MFH Charger is an advanced revolutionary Smart Charger, designed for Conventional and Opportunity charging applications. The Charger is based on new power conversion technology, featuring an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor (PFC), programming flexibility and precise Charge control. The Charger is designed to maximise Battery life and performance in a highly efficient manner, and limit Battery maintenance by reducing water consumption. Also comes with a Battery de-sulphation charge profile to rectify over-discharged Batteries

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Fast Charger Forklift Battery Standard

Fast Charger

The CEIL Fast Charger, is a state of the art Smart charger, designed specifically for Rapid and Fast Charge Applications. Manufactured by world leading Fast Charge experts BASSI, coupled with the BMOD-T Battery monitoring device, which is connected to the Battery and communicates wirelessly with the Charger, this system ensures the maximum precise charge control is supplied to the Battery, all the while maintaining the required charge profile based on the voltage and temperature readings of the Battery being charged. Available in both Indoor and Outdoor (IP54) rated enclosures, this charger is perfect for greatly extending Battery run times during any given shift, and removing OHS unfriendly second shift Battery operations

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty