forklift battery maintenance

Forklift batteries are the motive power behind all forklift operations. If they have problems, so does your business. “Downtime” is a dirty word in the forklift business, and it’s also a very costly problem. We’re looking into the benefits of staying on top of your battery maintenance.

Forklift Maintenance Basics

The simple fact is that forklift batteries must be maintained well. Forklift batteries conduct a lot of power and work continuously for long periods of time. The level of wear and tear can be enormous. Corrosion, general system operations and the usual knocking around that forklifts take don’t help to keep the battery in good condition.

Routine maintenance is critical because the checking and managing of battery electrolyte levels must be done thoroughly. This work, however, isn’t enough to deal with potential problems in the battery – there might be component issues or hidden faults with the battery that could lead to failure down the track.

The essential point here is that your batteries will definitely need proper checking and maintenance over time. Just compare the costs of forklift battery repairs and battery replacement then project those costs over a year or two. Maintenance comes out as the much cheaper option, particularly for forklift fleets.

Getting Regular Forklift Battery Maintenance

Best practice for forklift batteries is much the same as all important pieces of equipment – don’t guess. Make sure the equipment is in good working order, and find problems before they cost you a fortune.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the maintenance and support you need is to schedule maintenance on a regular basis. You can pick and choose your times for maintenance to fit in with your operational needs.

Sourcing Forklift Battery Maintenance Services

Not surprisingly, the best forklift battery maintenance services are provided by forklift battery specialist companies. When you’re dealing with modern forklift batteries, you need specialists who are up to date with the latest technology.

If you’re a forklift business, it’s also good to connect with these specialist companies for useful technical help and support when you need it. Battery experts can deal with the most complex issues and offer an instant fix for a lot of problems to get your forklift back to work.

Your maintenance experts will also be able to deliver a fast response when you need one. You can avoid downtime costs with this type of service, and it’s always nice to know you can fix a problem with a phone call whenever you need.

Talk to Ceil Power Systems for Any Maintenance Work

Ceil Power Systems is your forklift battery specialist for any kind of forklift battery repair, maintenance and all the services your batteries need.  Whenever you want fast, expert help with your forklift batteries, just call 1300 877 531 or contact us online. We’ll set up a maintenance service for you, offer you a good price and be right there to deliver any help when you need it.

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