Forklift servicing by an experienced mechanic.

Forklift maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your material handling machinery in top working condition and providing your employees with a safe working environment.

Not servicing your forklift fleet puts your business at risk in many ways, including increasing the likelihood of costly business downtime and reducing the value of your investment in quality machinery. For these reasons and more, create a servicing schedule and stick to it.

As Australia’s forklift battery and charger specialists with an extensive range of battery and charging solutions for electric forklifts and material handling equipment, the Ceil Power team understands the importance of regular forklift servicing, including forklift battery servicing — did you know the batteries that power your forklift fleet need a service too?

Forklift Servicing

Like any vehicle and item of machinery, forklifts need regular servicing and timely repairs. The forklifts in your fleet are put under incredible strain due to the heavy loads they move and regular maintenance is essential to keep them running smoothly. A scheduled forklift service typically involves:

  • Battery check and service
  • Oil, fluid and lubricant changes
  • Brake, steering and handling check
  • Forks and overhead guards inspection
  • Tyre checks (pressure, tread, damage/wear and tear check)
  • Hydraulic cylinder and roller chain pulley check and servicing

Scheduled forklift servicing also ensures that the manufacturer’s servicing schedule is met and that the required parts, components and systems are inspected and serviced at the specified time. This is similar to a logbook service for a car and the benefits are similar, including maintaining the vehicle’s value and protecting the manufacturer’s warranty.

Along with scheduled servicing, ensure your workers are carrying out routine checks daily. A quick visual inspection ensures your forklifts are safe to operate, identifies issues early on, and enables you to keep on top of maintenance and repair needs.

Forklift Battery Servicing

Like the other forklift components, the battery is subject to wear and tear and can sustain damage due to incorrect or insufficient maintenance. Fortunately, all forklift batteries can be serviced and repaired to extend their life and continue to deliver a reliable performance.

Along with scheduled servicing (every 3-6 months), timely repairs keep forklift batteries in optimal working condition. Some of the signs to look out for include a build-up of corrosion, acid level and link issues, and positive and negative lead and thimble damage.

Operating a forklift with a damaged battery can damage the forklift and also result in the need to replace the battery. Identifying issues with batteries early on makes it more likely that it can be repaired and restored to its optimal working condition. Regular battery spot checks are an easy way to keep on top of battery maintenance.

Ceil Power leads Australian forklift battery and charger suppliers with our market-leading battery and charger solutions, and our team’s extensive forklift industry experience. When you need new batteries or a charger to power your business, battery servicing or repairs, we can help. To speak with a forklift battery and charger expert, contact us online or call 1300 877 531 today.

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