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Choosing a forklift battery is all about choosing a high-performance, reliable battery with the grunt required to deal with the forklift’s role. Forklift batteries have to deliver a lot of power and are in constant use in many workplace environments. The type of forklift battery you choose will be governed by voltage and other basic needs, to some extent. The trick is to get the best battery which meets all the basic criteria while providing excellent performance. Today, we’re offering all of the battery advice you need for your forklift.

Possible Battery Issues

If there’s one thing forklift operators loathe, it’s a situation where the batteries seem to require more work than the job. There’s nothing quite like working on managing your batteries while there’s a lot of work left to do. This situation is more common than most people realise, and it’s a good example of why expert forklift operators are fussy about their batteries.

There’s a reason for these battery problems. The usual range of pre-installed batteries with which forklifts are equipped varies, a lot. You may get manufacturer’s batteries, which may be average, or you may get Brand X batteries, the “lowest common denominator” variety of brands which are usually not up to scratch.

Batteries are quite complex things and the efficiency of the chemical and electrical processes in batteries may also vary considerably. They respond to demand for power differently, too. The real proof of how good your current batteries are will be shown on the job. Obviously, an underpowered or “neurotic” battery is a built-in liability on a worksite. The effect of getting a substandard battery is basically the same; it starts up, works for a while, then needs a recharge or maintenance, etc.

Selecting Your Forklift Battery

The way to select a forklift battery is a simple process:

  1. Check battery specifications. If there’s battery structure information included, you’ll see a range of different configurations and features.
  2. Check amperage! Amperage delivers the real power and the general rule is the more amperage, the better.
  3. Check for services and support. You don’t want to buy a battery and then have to guess how to deal with any problems.

Talk to the supplier about services and features, and get some expert-level background about their batteries.

Check Out Your Suppliers!

The other sure way of finding the right battery is to check out suppliers. This is a real character reference to a good business relationship. An excellent supplier is a valuable find as they are typically battery specialists with a lot of experience and a very good range of services for their clients.

The easy way to spot a really good supplier is that they speak “fork language” fluently. They understand the practical problems and the business issues, and they’re good problem solvers who know how to deliver the solutions you need on the job. Do all the checks and you will have found the right battery and the right source for services and support.

Looking for Forklift Batteries in Australia?

Ceil Power Systems is your one-stop forklift battery specialist in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We offer a range of advanced forklift batteries, including new and used forklift batteries for sale. Give us a call on 1300 877 531 or contact us online. We’re here to help with any services you require.

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