forklift battery

There are several possible answers to this question. There are economic answers, on the job answers, and basic common sense answers which are pretty hard to argue with. We’re delving into the solutions around fixing and replacing your forklift batteries. You’ll find that common answers include:

“Too Expensive to Repair”

That’s game over, in most cases. This answer is also best practice; a dodgy, costly battery is likely to be a future problem waiting to happen. Good operators won’t incur excessive expenses, or risks, on an old battery which is probably close to expiry, anyway.

“Battery Is Good!”

This is game over in the other direction, a strong argument for repairing the battery because it performs well. The cost is usually bearable in these cases because the battery delivers value.

“Er, Um, Ah…”

This is a conflicted answer in which operators, supervisors and managers are mindful of cost. They will also be thinking about the time involved in sourcing and installing a new battery if there’s a lot of work to do. This battery will have a good record prior to any issues, which is also a good indicator of a battery worth fixing.

“Are There Any Better Options?”

This particular answer has a few built-in issues. It invariably means upgrading to a new battery might be a good move. Fixing the old battery won’t deliver the upgraded performance of a new generation battery, either, which is another consideration.

Getting Expert Guidance about Battery Repairs

Forklift battery specialists can take one look at a battery and tell you whether it’s worth repairing. They can also solve some problems for you and their answers will deliver value when making your choice.

“Don’t Bother Repairing It”

The battery may need a lot of work, probably due to high levels of usage over a period and the battery may simply be worn out. Please be aware that a battery which is in the “don’t bother” category is a serious risk, too. If it fails, it may be dangerous on the job. It may also mean money spent for nothing, with added downtime while you get a new battery.

“Fixable, but Will Need Extra Work”

It’s a good battery, worth repairing, but do you want to wear the cost? The fact that the service experts think it’s repairable and worth repairing is a positive. You can discuss choices for repair or replacement.

“Not a Problem”

This means the battery only has some minor faults and can be fixed up to performance standard after repairs. In this case, the battery will still have a long working life and be economically viable to fix.

“We Can Give You a Better Battery”

The old battery is out of date, or there are better options with more power and performance for the job. This happens with midrange to heavy lifters, in which the new generation batteries really are superior.

Ask Ceil Power Systems

The other major plus for talking to the experts is that they’ll map out your options very clearly. They’ll identify possible risks with an iffy battery, too – a very useful service which can spot problems even expert operators might not know about.

If you need a battery repair in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria, Ceil Power Systems is your local specialist. We repair and service all types of forklift batteries. Call us on 1300 877 531 or contact us online and talk to our experts.

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