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New vs Used Forklift Batteries

The difference between new and used forklift batteries is primarily age and condition. New batteries are obviously valuable assets, particularly for new forklifts.

Used forklift batteries can be excellent value because it is a legal requirement for these batteries to be suitably reconditioned for their roles. We ensure that all used batteries we sell are fully compliant with these requirements and capable of performing at professional standards within operational parameters.

Our used forklift batteries are fully reconditioned to best operational specifications. They’re serviced to high standards for performance and on the job reliability.

The good news for forklift businesses is that these top-quality batteries are also cheaper. You can stretch your budget a bit further, save money and still get top-of-the-line batteries for your forklifts. If you’re looking for good business values, these used forklift batteries are a very good option. We offer a range of 24, 36, and 48 volt used forklift batteries for sale. They’re perfect for all types of forklifts, from the faithful pallet jacks to the big heavy lifters.

Used Forklift Battery Services & Warranty

We support our used forklift batteries with expert knowledge. Our very experienced team are here to help with your batteries and provide any services you require. All of our used forklift batteries come with our standard warranty, so your service needs are fully covered for your purchases.

Additionally, we provide a full suite of maintenance and repair services for forklift batteries. If your battery needs some fast service, call us today and our experts will fix the problems ASAP.

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