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Battery rejuvenation is a type of reconditioning, to put it very simply. Battery rejuvenation can be an excellent, very cost-effective option for forklift businesses for a range of reasons. The main reason for getting a battery rejuvenated, rather than replaced, is that the battery performs well and delivers the power your forklift needs. This is often the case with big, heavy lift batteries.

How Are Forklift Batteries Rejuvenated?

Forklift batteries are big, powerful and complex equipment. They need to be tough to deliver the performance you need. There are many parameters for battery performance and, when getting rejuvenated, these parameters are the metrics that matter to ensure a good rejuvenation job.

Every aspect of battery performance, every component and element, is checked in the rejuvenation process. A battery really is the “sum of its parts”, and to rejuvenate a battery to specifications, there’s no guesswork involved. It’s a precision operation. Rejuvenation is a no-nonsense process, carried out by experts. Noticeable faults are identified while possible faults, like encroaching corrosion, are also found and fixed. Acid mixes, electrolytes and seals are all examined. Your battery really will be good as new.

Why Can’t Some Batteries Be Rejuvenated?

A battery which can’t be rejuvenated has too many issues, by definition. The problems are serious and major work may be required – battery replacement would be a better option in terms of cost, time to fix and risks.

The risk factor is a major issue in rejuvenation. A battery that can’t be rejuvenated is a potentially serious problem. By rights, the battery shouldn’t even be in the forklift because faulty forklift batteries can be very dangerous. They may fail during operation. That could mean a heavy, high-value load in mid-air, with attendant risks to operators and staff. It might also mean a catastrophic failure, losing the load.

In either scenario, it will definitely mean a pretty thankless, time-consuming job of managing the stuck or damaged load and getting a new battery. That’s not where any forklift business wants to be.

Other problems may include too much wear and tear, systemic failures, dangerous corrosion and, in rare but potentially risky scenarios, battery chemistry issues. We’ll spare you the gruesome details but the bottom line is that some problems simply don’t permit rejuvenation. These batteries are too far gone and too unsafe to work with.

How to Get Your Forklift Battery Rejuvenated

You’ll need forklift battery specialists to do your rejuvenation job. They’ll give you a very clear picture of time, costs and any possible issues you may want to consider, like a replacement battery, if necessary.

Need Expert Battery Rejuvenation?

For battery rejuvenation in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria, Ceil Power Systems is your do-everything team of experts. We can rejuvenate all types and sizes of batteries, from basic pallet jack batteries to monster batteries. For all the services you need, call us on 1300 877 531 or contact us online. Expect great service at a good price with any battery issues.

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